Wallmounted Home Assistant Dashboard

I have long wanted to have tablets on the wall of the ground floor and upper floor where I can control Home Assistant. In the last Black Friday Sale I bought two relatively cheap 10 inch Fire Tablets from Amazon for 99€ each.

The only difficulty was to supply the tablets with electricity. But then I came up with a very practical solution.

I bought a Qi Micro USB Ladepad at Amazon (Afiliate Link):

Qi charging pad

Cut it open:

Qi charging pad cut open

I need only the ribbon cable (what a waste):

Ribbon Cable

Soldered wires to the correct solder points on the ribbon cable (meassure first) and solder a USB connector to the other side of the cable:

Ribbon Cable

If you dont have the USB connectors you can buy these at Amazon or salvage an existent USB cable.

Then I plugged everything in and attached the Tablet with Extra Strong Tesa Velcro to the wall.

The result looks like this, my wife and me are very happy:

Result #1 Result #2 Result #3

As Android app to run Lovelace I use Wallpanel


I posted about this project on Reddit and on Home-Assistant Community. There were many comments which are also interesting, so here are the links: